Four Success Techniques for The Living Activity Workout



“Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it”

-Brian Tracy

(Author of Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life)

Everyone has a special and true calling in their lives. The thing that only you can do, and nobody else can. Recognizing your intention and fulfilling it are the most critical ways to place you on a path to success. This job is quite rewarding. Getting a sense of mission is a big step towards achieving your goals. You will probably miss your goal.

Most people aren’t sure why they are on the Planet. Maybe they don’t value information, they’re not interested, or maybe they expect something to be exposed to them at some point in the future. Where there is a lack of expertise, you risk spending a lot of time trying to correct insignificant errors. It would be best if you were tactically versatile and adaptable. When individuals lose their sense of direction, they feel hopeless and let down.


I am highly pleased with my job and my life.


I give activities designed to help the participants make sense of their lives by clarifying their meaning.

These are Four successful techniques for the LIVING ACTIVITY Workout:

  1. List two of your distinctive personality traits, such as leadership and creativity.
  2. List one or two ways to enjoy sharing certain qualities while communicating with others, such as encouraging and inspiring.
  3. Please assume that the word is perfect and that each one of us lives a special calling. What does the world look like and sound like? Example: Everyone works in their ideal sector, peace with each other and without conflict or damage to the Planet.
  4. Combine the responses in a single statement that describes the meaning of your life and how it contributes to the ideal world—for example: to use my leadership skills to encourage and help creative entrepreneurs who are creating sustainable businesses.


I am visualizing a perfect world where everyone lives in peace and lives to the fullest.

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